Update new Covid-19 regulations 29 Nov 2021

Update new Covid-19 regulations 29 Nov 2021

After reading this message you will be up date of the new Covid-19 regulations issued by the Dutch government on the 12th of November. For more or the latest information go to the website of the Dutch Government bij clicking here

New: Closing time, 1,5 meter and face mask mandatory again

Our restaurant will be open untill 17:00 for the period Su 28 Nov  – Sa 18 Dec 2021. This means that at 17:00 all our guest should have left our restaurant.  The majority of bookings are going to be changed to an earlier start time. Most of our guest should be able to change to an earlier time themselves.

This closing time is on top of the other regulations that still apply:

  • Visitors from 13 years and older have to show a Coronavirus entry pass in combination with valid form of ID (identity card, passport or driving licence)
  • Guest registration, health check and assigned seating (this is all taking care off while you make a booking)
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms: stay at home and  get tested as soon as possible.

Making a new or changing a reservation? 

We already changed the openingtimes in our booking system. Some experiences are not available during this period. So if you cannot find in our booking system, it means is not available from 29 Nov until 18 Dec.

  • Wednesday and Thursday we are closed
  • Friday we open at 12:00
  • Saturday and Sunday we open at 11:00

The last possible start time of the day

It depends on which dinner you have:

  • 14:45 (for 4 courses or more) or;
  • 15:00 for 3 courses)


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