Ctaste – FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Vouchers and tickets

My voucher is (almost) expired and I was not able to come due to the Corona lockdowns. What now?

Important: The following info only applies if your voucher/tickets is purchased from Ctaste. For info about vouchers/tickets from 3rd party companies please check out the next question.

If your voucher is (almost) expired, then we automatically extend the duration of your voucher. This is according to the time we were in Lock-down when your voucher was valid. 

Ctaste has been closed for 11 months in totaal. 3 month from March until May 2020 and 8 months from October 2020 until May 2021. 

So if you have a voucher with a purchase date of:

  • February 2020 or before that. Than we extend the duration with 11 months*
  • June 2020 until September 2020. Then we extend the duration by 8 months. 

*This is with the exception of voucher that were already invalid before the Corona lock-down 

We are going to automatically extend the duration of your voucher. So there is no need to contact us specifically about it. Keep in mind that this only applies if your voucher/tickets is directly purchased from Ctaste.

My voucher/ticket is not directly purchased from Ctaste, but from a 3rd party company. It is (almost) expired, and I was not able to come due to the Corona lockdowns. What now?

We would like to ask you to directly contact the 3rd party company where the voucher was purchased. Only they can extend the duration of your voucher. For legal and privacy reasons it is unfortunately not possible for us to do this for you. Thevouchers and the money are managed by these companies, we do not have any control over this.

Expired voucher/tickets of 3rd party companies are unfortunately not valid in our restaurant. We cannot take them as payment as we do not get any special treatment from our partners. Which means we will not get any payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Important: Contact these companies when your voucher is still valid. Most of these companies will extend the duration of your voucher with no hassle. As long as your voucher is not expired. 

I have a voucher or ticket, how do make a reservation?

Is your voucher issued by Ctaste? Than you can use your vouchercode and pay wit it when making the reservation.

Is your voucher issyed by 3rd party ? Than that vouchercode does not work with our booking system. You can make your booking at www.ctaste.com/bookings-with-voucher

Ctaste: How it works

Is is possible to eat in the light? A little candle perhaps?

When you enter the restaurant through the lounge, everything is light. Our two dining rooms are completely dark, not a single light to be seen. And… it is strictly prohibited to bring any light, not even a tiny one into the dining room. It would ruin the unique atmosphere we create. We have lockers for your telephone and small items.

Do I have to wear specific clothing?

That is not necessary. Alltough it would be best to avoid all white clothing.

Do people spill a lot, will my clothes be dirty

Spilling and staining happens a lot less than you would think. Actually, you become more careful in the dark.

And we have simplified the glass work to avoid spilling your red wine.

I do not speak Dutch, can we visit the restaurant?

Yes, all of our staff speaks English. So if you can read this, you are more than welcome to visit us.

Do I eat with knife and fork?

That is solely op to you. Of course we will provide you with alle neccesary cutlery, but experience learns us that most of our guest have a more hands-on approach.

Allergies and dietary requirements

I am vegetarian/vegan, can you accomodate this?

We sure can. While making the reservation online you can easily select a vegetarian or vegan option.

I have some wishes about the menu, how does that work with a surprise menu?

We take your dietary needs and allergies into account. We serve a surprise menu but oby all means we do make something that suits your demands.

We make vegetarian and vegan dishes, with just as much love and devotion as any fish or meat dish. 

How can I best tell you about my dietary wishes

While booking online you can note all dietary needs and allergies per person. During the introduction we give in the restaurant, we will check this with you. In case you forgot, it is still possible to tell us.

I have an allergy, how do you make sure I get the right meal?

We have a tight system to know what dish goes to what person. You are the last link in the chain: before serving a special plate, we check at the table who ordered a this requested dish.


Is it possible to have dinner with two?

Yes, most people come for a dinner with two.

Can we come with a group?

Yes, that’s possible, we can cater groups up untill 95 persons. If you are looking for a larger group dinner, it is possible to organise a dinner in an other larger venue. Please inform by sending an email to info@ctaste.nl

Do children go to Ctaste?

Yes they do like it from age 7 and up. Please take in consideration that children tend to become sleepy in the dark (caused by the effect of melatonine) We advise an early dinner. We try to keep a pace on serving so every body stays happy.

Can I bring my dog?

Only guide dogs are welcome. But if you have a choice, please find a dog sitter. Even guide dogs cannot see in the dark.

Getting to Ctaste

Are you easily reached by public transport?

Within walking distance you will find train station Amstel (about 15 min), metro station Wibautstraat (about 10 min) and Tram line 4 stop Lutmastraat (about 5 min walk).

Because there are many travel options you can best look on www.9292.nl or Google maps There you find the best connection.

Is it possible to park close to Ctaste?

Yes, you can park on the Amsteldijk or on one of the side streets. We do not have our own parking lot. This is paid parking from Monday to Sunday at € 6, – per hour. on Sunday paid parking is from 12:00 untill 24:00 (last update is from 25-11-2021). You can only pay with a bank card, credit card or parking app.

Check www.prettigparkeren.nl for the current rates and parking conditions.

Are you in Amsterdam all day? Then it might be advantageous to park at a P + R. View on www.amsterdam.nl/parkeren-verkeer/parkeren-reizen/