At Ctaste we know: "Get a group of people together and put them in the dark, and you have the recipe of an exceptional evening with lots of nice conversations"


An original and unforgettable bachelorparty: Yolanthe Snijder-Cabau and many other famous and infamous visitors already dit it! A bachelorparty to remember!

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Company Outing

 Take a moment off with the in the dark experiences such as a dinner, teambuilding activity or educational experience and contribute to a true good corporate culture

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Group Outing

Having friends over or organising a fun day out with relatives or teammates? Enjoy a totally different atmosphere with a group of friends or colleagues. Ctaste creates unique moments.

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Something to celebrate?

Birthday, anniversary, exceptional results or goodbye: you celebrate this together with your closest persons in an unique surrounding.

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When your team needs a day off, inspiration, working on the blind trust or a reset in a totally different environment: consider a team building activity or dinner in the dark.

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Drinks in the dark

Catch up with some drinks in a cozy atmosphere; A selection of our wines or beers in the dark makes kindred spirits and a great afternoon or night out

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Let us introduce you to our jaw-dropping experience

We offer a range of packages in our dinner program. One more complete than the other, so there’s something to experience for everyone. What they all have in common is our jaw dropping service in the dark.

  • -10%

    Royal dinner

    €89.75 p.p. (€97.75)
    For those who really want to enjoy the ultimate experience in the dark. We present you: the Royal dinner package.
    • Sparkling welcome with prosecco
    • 5 course dinner
    • 4 course wine or beer pairing
    • Carafe of water on the table
    • Coffee or tea with treats
    • Duration ca. 2,5 hours
    Reserve directly Give as a gift
  • -6%

    Luxe Dinner

    €79.75 p.p. (€84.75)
    Great for surprising someone for their birthday or another celebration. Start off sparkling with prosecco and just indulge yourself with this luxurious possibility.
    • Sparkling welcome with prosecco or a craft beer
    • 4 course dinner
    • 3 course wine or beer pairing
    • Carafe of water on the table
    • Coffee or tea
    • Duration ca. 2hr 15min
    Reserve directly Give as a gift
  • -1%

    Premium Dinner

    €69.75 p.p. (€70.9)
    A complete evening out with 3 courses and drinks before, during and after dinner. Nothing to worry about, just pure enjoyment!
    • Aperitif (beer, wine, soda)
    • 3 course dinner in the dark
    • 3 course wine or beer pairing
    • Carafe of water on the table
    • Duration ca. 2 hours
    Reserve directly Give as a gift